Adi Dassler started to produce sports shoes in his mother’s wash kitchen after his return from World War 1 and registered the brand Adidas on the 18th August 1949. Today the iconic global sports brand is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest in the World. Adi Dassler's credo was to supply "only the best for the athlete". Top functionality, comfort and design. Tested and proven. This remains at the core of the brand today.

Barton Marine has been established and manufacturing deck hardware for over 65 years and is at the forefront of the global marine block market. Barton's products stand for performance and value which includes a comprehensive range of marine deck gear that exceeds market expectations for reliability, quality and longevity.

BLOC® Systems Ltd was established in 1988 with the creation of BLOC® eyewear, the first brand in the portfolio. With more than 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing, the creative team at BLOC® generate new product ideas and designs in-house. BLOC® Systems work very closely with it's manufacture suppliers in order to sustain successful product development along with nuturing new ideas.

BLOC® is also able to both forecast and react quickly to changes in sports and street fashion which plays a crucial part in it's growth and development.

Founded in 2004, the Fendequip Company rapidly acquired an excellent reputation for the high quality of its mooring equipment from the yacht owners, boat captains, construction sites, maintenance yards and equipment manufacturers original (OEM).

Fendequip have an international network of service centers, dealers and distributors that provide excellent customer service both commercially and technically. Many professionals request the Fendequip brand, evidence of the quality of their products and excellence of service and corporate core values.

The OLAS system uses Alert and Find technology to create a portable crew tracking and overboard location alert system.

In a MOB situation OLAS will sound an alarm and record the latitude and longitude of the incident using the phone or tablet GPS.

In the event that the skipper or a crew member has gone overboard OLAS helps direct the remaining crew on a successful MOB recovery and communication with emergency services

Red Paddle are the World’s toughest inflatable SUP boards and leaders in the Inflatable Stand Up Paddle market (iSUP). Built to last, all models offer a practical and easy alternative to hard boards for general purpose paddling.

All Red boards inflate in a matter of minutes and pack up into a durable holdall for easy transportation and storage.

These are not cheap and nasty inflatable beach toys, they’re genuine high quality iSUP boards that work and will withstand years of abuse.

RESTUBE is your safety backup for all kinds of water sports. Due to its small size and light weight the small pocket can be worn around your waste or your harness wherever you are or what you are doing. If necessary, pull the trigger and RESTUBE inflates within seconds. Now you have time. Perfect for the use in open waters.

REUSABLE by crewing in a new catridge. The original 16g CO2 cartridge does not rust in salt water, has a 100% checked filling level and a certified trigger cap that matches perfect to the trigger.

Swobbit is the #1 rated high quality professional compact range of cleaning tools and accessories, used on sailing and power yachts, superyachts, RV’s and aircraft all over the world, an all-in-one system to meet all on board cleaning needs. The patented Swobbit® System allows for quick changing of cleaning attachments and answers every cleaning and polishing demand.

The system revolves around the Perfect Pole™, which enables efficient storage to save valuable space onboard, by only requiring one pole to achieve many operations with quick change snap heads.