BLOC® Systems Ltd was established in 1988 with the creation of BLOC® eyewear, the first brand in the portfolio. With more than 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing, the creative team at BLOC® generate new product ideas and designs in-house. BLOC® Systems work very closely with it's manufacture suppliers in order to sustain successful product development along with nuturing new ideas.

BLOC® is also able to both forecast and react quickly to changes in sports and street fashion which plays a crucial part in it's growth and development.

The company continually explores the boundaries of new production materials and eye protection. In an inreasingly competitive market, BLOC® manufactures products that are innovative, fashionable and competitively priced.

Already well established in France for its comprehensive range of performance ski masks, the brand now launches a new range of performance technical sunglasses designed for the most demanding athletes. H2eau Sports is BLOC®'s exclusive distributor in France.

The BLOC® sunglasses range includes models in Lifesport, Lifestyle, Metal and Goggles.