Ecoworks Marine

ECOWORKS MARINE are championing the sustainable revolution in marine cleaning. Founded in 2015, this UK brand has a rapid growing number of yachts around the world choosing to use its range of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

The brand offers effective cleaning solutions for interior yacht cleaning, exterior yacht cleaning and engine rooms - a compact range of 15 cleaning products. From all-surface cleaner to laundry liquid, from teak cleaner to engine cleaner. 

Why choose Ecoworks Marine?

Ecoworks Marine are the leading supplier of sustainable cleaning products for the marine industry - from superyachts to small boats, marinas and boat yards - the Ecoworks cleaning products are quickly proving to be the most efficient and powerful eco-friendly cleaning range on the market. The compact range includes yacht interior products, engine room cleaners, exterior and all surface cleaning and not of course forgetting the all-important hand sanitiser!

By using a clever blend of bacteria and enzymes along with other replenishable resources, Ecoworks Marine products will eat dirt away naturally rather than aggressively burning it off the surface like most other cleaning products do. This is not only much kinder to the boats surfaces and healthier for its users, but kinder to the oceans and the planet! In fact, we often hear they work better than chemical based competitors. Friendlier for the oceans and healthier for you. Eco-friendly boat cleaners you can trust. All products are pH neutral, non-caustic and non-flammable, making them the only range on the market to be fully International Maritime Organisation MARPOL compliant. Furthermore, they come supplied in fully recyclable packing, even the filling inside Ecoworks’ cardboard boxes made from potato peelings that are fully biodegradable.

Interior & exterior cleaning products

14 cleaners - developed on board one of the most prestigious yachts in the world; for both interior and exterior use:

⚬ All Surface Cleaner  ⚬ Laundry Liquid ⚬ Washing-up Liquid  ⚬ Natural Sanitiser  ⚬ Washroom & toilet cleaner  ⚬ Glass Cleaner  ⚬ Varnished wood cleaner & wax  ⚬ Fabric cleaner  ⚬ Teak deck cleaner  ⚬ Rib Cleaner  ⚬ Yacht wash  ⚬ Engine cleaner  ⚬ Bilge Cleaner  ⚬ FOG, drain cleaner & grey water additive

Yacht crew love Ecoworks Marine!

Many of our stockists have come on board because yacht crews have asked them for Ecoworks products. 

If you'd like to become a stockist, get in touch. 

If you are yacht crew, a boat owner, a yacht maintenance company, boat yard, or simply looking to use sustainable cleaning products, visit our 'where to buy' page to find your nearest stockist to you.



I make sure I use Ecoworks Marine products in the engine room, like the Engine Cleaner, which is a great degreaser, Ecoworks Marine products definitely meet all criteria I look for in a cleaning product and it really does work, I am very impressed.

Will Slagter,  Chief Engineer

At last! An eco friendly cleaner that really does do the job! ECOWORKS really works! S/Y Velacarina shall be using Ecoworks Marine products from now on.

Aimee Nurmi | S/Y Velacarina

I have used a couple different eco friendly laundry detergents and Eco Works is by far the best value for money. You only need to use very little and still get a fantastic result. We have been using it on all of our laundry including high end guest clothing and delicates, we are very happy with the product and I would recommend to any Yacht.

Rebecca Fahy, Chief Stewardess, S/Y Kokomo



Ecoworks Marine has formed strong partnerships and alliances with the key drivers of sustainability in the boating world. For example, they’ve partnered with Dee Caffari's Turn The Tide On Plastic in the 2017/2018 Volvo Ocean race, they continue to support the 52 Super Series as a sustainability partner providing each team with products, they’ve been chosen as the preferred supplier for the Green Blue initiative by the RYA and the British Marine foundation, and many more.