Founded in 2004, the Fendequip Company rapidly acquired an excellent reputation for the high quality of its mooring equipment from the yacht owners, boat captains, construction sites, maintenance yards and equipment manufacturers original (OEM).

Fendequip have an international network of service centers, dealers and distributors that provide excellent customer service both commercially and technically. Many professionals request the Fendequip brand, evidence of the quality of their products and excellence of service and corporate core values.

Fendequip products are designed and manufactured in-house at a brand new factory and headquarters facility located in south-west England. All the company's services ensure that each product is fit for purpose and built with the best materials for the highest level of quality.

The in-house expertise and industry experience is un-matched by any other fender cover manufacturer. This is clearly demonstrated by product features such as the light fastness of the Fendequip Fendecovers which will last 8 times longer in direct sunlight before showing signs of fading compared to similar products made from standard yarns. Fendequip are unique with their use of premium yarns.

Fendequip products are tested by Bureau Veritas and have been accredited with ISO 105 B02, greater than Grade 7* certificate.