The OLAS system uses Alert and Find technology to create a portable crew tracking and overboard location alert system.

In a MOB situation OLAS will sound an alarm and record the latitude and longitude of the incident using the phone or tablet GPS.

In the event that the skipper or a crew member has gone overboard OLAS helps direct the remaining crew on a successful MOB recovery and communication with emergency services

Use OLAS to:

  • Ensure all crew members are present
  • Significantly increase the chance of self-rescue in a Man Overboard emergency
  • Clearly and concisely transfer relevant information to the coast guard
  • Monitor live navigation data whilst cruising or racing

OLAS Tags pair with your device to create a virtual tether between your phone/tablet and crew members, children, pets or objects, such as a lifebuoy.

When the virtual tether is ‘broken’ OLAS will:

  • Emit an audible alarm and light signal
  • Record the time and GPS location where the incident occurred
  • Display your current GPS location
  • Clearly illustrate the direction and course to return  to the alert GPS location


  • The longest battery life - 5 months
  • The most versatile attachment solution - Watch, life jacket, MOB device with 1 strap.
  • The most cost effective crew tag available and includes free app
  • Additional navigation features including SOG, COG, bearing to waypoint, course to steer and a compass
  • Connect multiple tags to 1 phone or tablet
  • Connect 1 tag to multiple phones / tablets
  • Low battery alert


Weight Without Strap 20 grams
Dimensions 60 x 35 x 15mm
Battery Life 5 months
Battery CR2477 - replaceable
Range 0-50ft vessel


OLAS - Alert & Find