Red Paddle Co

Red Paddle are the World’s toughest inflatable SUP boards and leaders in the Inflatable Stand Up Paddle market (iSUP). Built to last, all models offer a practical and easy alternative to hard boards for general purpose paddling.

All Red boards inflate in a matter of minutes and pack up into a durable holdall for easy transportation and storage.

These are not cheap and nasty inflatable beach toys, they’re genuine high quality iSUP boards that work and will withstand years of abuse.

Red Paddle Co started in 2008 when paddle boarding was just getting going, with a background in professional watersports competition, the company set out to produce a product that even the experts would love. The company quickly became known as the industry benchmark for manufacturing the best inflatable boards. The result is now a comprehensive range of inflatable boards that are stiff enough to get the kind of performance you’d expect from a hard board. Red Paddle’s boards are undeniably a no compromise inflatable that delivers an authentic paddle boarding experience. 

With a fantastic selection of boards for various applications, the 2017 product range is their best yet, featuring the innovative TITAN pump, RSS battens and quality fittings throughout. The Red Paddle range is the perfect fit to fulfil the demands of the Yachting market, wether it’s private or charter yachts, for beach rentals and watersports centres or for the Superyacht sector. From the perfect all-rounder stand up paddle boards (Ride) to wind surfing models (WindSup), a giant 17’ long board (XL Ride) for groups or corporate games and boards for Yoga and Pilates (Activ).

Inflatable boards not only save on valuable onboard storage space but also provide increased safety over rigid boards for charterers or onboard guests and also minimise the likelihood of accidental damage.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the Red Paddle Co 2016/17 Superyacht Collection Catalogue and the latest collection of boards from the world’s number one inflatable SUP brand. All you have to do is...



Red Paddle Co is the world’s number one inflatable SUP brand. Here’s what makes Red Paddle boards unbeatable:


An authentic experience

Red Paddle have been making inflatable boards since 2008 and have always believed riding an inflatable shouldn’t mean compromise on performance, design or quality. Red Paddle Co boards are stiffer and more durable than the competition, and have been designed so you can paddle anywhere.

Quality always comes as standard

Red Paddle Co are obsessive about quality. Their boards are made of the most innovative materials and by using pioneering manufacturing techniques. All kit is tested rigorously (Red Paddle even ran over one of their boards with a tractor - it was fine) to make sure it performs when you need it to most. 

Go anywhere, any time

The liberating thing about an inflatable standup paddle board is how easy it is to take with you everywhere you go. You don’t need a van or a roof rack to take it on a road trip, and once you’re at the airport, just check in your Red Paddle Co backpack with the rest of your gear. When you get to the water, the board takes just a few minutes to inflate, and then you’re free to explore.

Designed to perform

Being able to take your board with you wherever you go is what inflatables are all about, but that wouldn’t mean much if they didn’t perform. Red Paddle use the best technology available to design shapes and features that put their boards on a level with hard boards. Red Paddle are not just adding inflatable boards to a range of hard boards – they only make inflatable boards, and are fanatical about them.

Innovation in every board

Red Paddle have taken the standard inflatable technology and redesigned almost every aspect of it to deliver a superior board. Their patented RSS stiffening system delivers unrivalled stiffness – and it’s unique to Red Paddle

Titan – the world’s best SUP pump

Pumping used to put people off inflatables. Red Paddle recognised that and engineered the game- changing Titan Pump. It takes half the time and effort out of inflating, so you spend less time pumping and more time paddling.

Bags of ideas

The authenticity of the Red Paddle Co experience doesn’t stop with paddling and pumping. With every board you get a super- tough travel and storage case with wheels and a hidden backpack system, designed to make exploring your world a doddle.

Want to physically see more?

If you are a Marine Trade Professional or a Superyacht customer and would like to arrange a product demo, H2eau Sports would be more than happy to demonstrate the different models and go for a paddle with you or your crew! (service currently only available in the Mediterranean and West Coast of France and is subject to availability). Pease register your interest via our contact page and we will get back in touch.