RESTUBE is your safety backup for all kinds of water sports. Due to its small size and light weight the small pocket can be worn around your waste or your harness wherever you are or what you are doing. If necessary, pull the trigger and RESTUBE inflates within seconds. Now you have time. Perfect for the use in open waters.

REUSABLE by crewing in a new catridge. The original 16g CO2 cartridge does not rust in salt water, has a 100% checked filling level and a certified trigger cap that matches perfect to the trigger.

THE STORY is simple. A couple of years ago a member of our team experienced a critical situation. Since then we want water sport to be safer for our friends and us. As students of mechanical engineering the idea evolved to create a safety product for inwater- activities. RESTUBE was born.

ENGINEERED IN GERMANY - is every single detail of RESTUBE. Due to our close cooperation with our team riders, professional life savers and universities, we are able to continually optimize RESTUBE. Adapting individual demands and meeting the requirements of water sportsmen of any kind.