Swobbit is the #1 rated high quality professional compact range of cleaning tools and accessories, used on sailing and power yachts, superyachts, RV’s and aircraft all over the world, an all-in-one system to meet all on board cleaning needs. The patented Swobbit® System allows for quick changing of cleaning attachments and answers every cleaning and polishing demand.

The system revolves around the Perfect Pole™, which enables efficient storage to save valuable space onboard, by only requiring one pole to achieve many operations with quick change snap heads.

The range includes over 20 different accessories from deck brushes, drying mops, squeegees, soft wash tools, swivel plates, boat and mooring hooks to choose from. Key features that set the brand ahead from the competition are features such as the Swobbit brush heads which are made from a 7.5” poly block, which will not warp, crack or mildew as is possible with those made from varnished wood.

A proprietary attachment method is also used to key in the aluminum adapter to the block, which means many years of reliable use without the possibility of the adapter pulling out of the block or the "brush head wobble" seen with other brands. The pole is also constructed in an exclusive teardrop shape making it almost 70% stronger than any other aluminium handles and with no pole bowing even when fully extended. The Perfect Pole™ is manufactured from custom extruded 6463 T5 and 6063 T8 anodized aluminium producing the strongest pole on the market with superior corrosion resistance.

Designed to provide professional results, the Swobbit® Deluxe Cleaning kits are the ideal cleaning and maintenance tool for all craft and are used by a number of luxury boat manufacturers such as Oyster and Fairline. Comprising of a range of Swobbit's best-selling products, the Deluxe Cleaning Kits include the telescopic Perfect Pole, quick release accessories such as wash brushes, water blades, sheepskin washing tools, drying mops and a boat hook attachment enabling easier docking and line retrieval. For easy carrying and stowage the Swobbit® Deluxe Cleaning Kit is supplied with a zippered, durable, lightweight carry and stow bag. The bag comes with adjustable straps for easy carrying, a coated nylon mesh bottom to allow for draining and drying of stowed washing tools plus mesh external pouches on both ends to hold bottles of boat soap and other liquid cleaners. The bag can also be purchased separately from the kit and Swobbit® Europe is also able to personalize the bags with a boat manufacturer brand, business or boat name.

Also distributed in Europe by Swobbit is VuPlex, a plastics cleaner polisher and protector. This extraordinary plastics cleaner, polisher and protector was launched at METS in 2015. VuPlex cuts through salt spray, grime and grease to polish and protect all plastic, fiberglass and gel coat surfaces without solvents that damage and dry out plastic composites including polycarbonates and glass. Perfect to treat touch screens, mobile and audio devices, instrument panels, PVC windows, protective covers and other plastic components. For further information on VuPlex please see the Swobbit catalogue or visit their website; vuplex.co

Free standing in-store retailer product displays are available for point of sale merchandising for both Swobbit and Vuplex. Full details are listed on pages 9,10 and 11 of the new Swobbit catalogue. Please contact H2eau Sports for full details and offer pricing.