Ecoworks Stand Pack

H2EAU are offering an exclusive limited trade offer to French chandlery retailers, boatyards, and boat dealers of a subsidised Ecoworks Stand Pack consisting of a core selection of the Ecoworks Marine cleaning products and in-store wooden display stand.

Ecoworks Marine products are quickly proving to be the most efficient and powerful eco-friendly cleaning range in the marine industry. The range includes yacht interior products, engine room cleaners, exterior and all surface cleaning and not of course forgetting the all-important hand sanitizer! 

The Ecoworks compact range of exterior and interior cleaning products works by using a clever blend of bacteria and enzymes to eat dirt away naturally rather than aggressively burning it off the surface like most other cleaning products do. Not only this is much kinder to the boats surfaces and healthier for its users, but kinder to the oceans and the planet! 

With environmental concerns and how to address them now key consideration within the boating community, there is now a rapidly increasing demand for an environmentally friendly solution. The timing is hence now perfect to take onboard Ecoworks, the industry’s leading brand of environmentally friendly cleaning products. We all need to help with the clean-up of our oceans and it’s therefore very important to inform all of our customers/boat users that there is now available a highly effective Green alternative instead of using products that contain aggressive chemicals which contribute to polluting and damaging the oceans.

Ecoworks European RRP’s and Trade margins are level to other brands on the market, so it’s a “win win” opportunity to gain additional Green Sales revenues.

For full details of the Ecoworks Stand Pack and to secure your regional location in France as an authorised Flagship Stockist dealer (which includes free dealer dedicated marketing support to help with digital media posts) contact Dan Couchman - H2EAU DISTRIBUTION.

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