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We strongly encourage all yacht crew and chandleries to read and share the "Shades of Green article in the latest edition of Dockwalk by Sara Ventiera. It aims to demystify the ingredients in cleaning products on board and the green washing that takes place.

We've been shouting about some of the talking points in this article for years but maybe we haven't been shouting loud enough. It's great to finally see an in-depth article in print discussing them.

Sometimes sustainability can seem like a huge topic and where to start can be daunting. Just changing the products you use on board is something you can do today easily and stress free. There is no reason not to.

Some of the points to address:

We have always strongly encouraged crew and store owners to read the ingredients labels or better yet SDS sheets of all products sold or used on board. You can check as recommended in the article for ingredients used for ones that are dangerous to aquatic life which a number of main stream yacht washes do contain. We have always made our SDS readily available on our site under each product, so you never have to request them.

We never use methylisothiazolinone, palm oil and its derivatives and phosphonates. In fact it's a commitment we've made for a long time on our site along with a list of other ingredients. You can see the list of ingredients here -

As mentioned in the article many of the main stream brands including the so called "eco" ones don't live up to credentials. We've been asked many times over the years why we don't have a eco certification. The answer is simple. Every time we've looked into it, we've found products certified by that certification that don't meet our standards and so haven't wanted to be associated with the label. Rather we'd rather be transparent, educate and be scrutinised. We're committed to continuously improving.

Much more on this coming soon. Here's to us all doing better!

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