Superyachts Blush and Lady Tahiti take onboard Fendequip

Superyacht Blush et Lady Tahiti sont équipes avec les produits de Fendequip

Hyper luxury!

Superyachts Blush (the Superyacht of Formula 1 and Top Gear presenter Eddie Jordan) and Lady Tahiti in Golfe Juan in the South of France have been equipped with Fendequip mooring products.

Products used: fender covers MaxiSox, inflatable fenders MaxiStow, fender brackets MaxiHook and anti-chafing protectors MaxiChafe.


High quality premium fenders, ultra-resistant and available in all sizes,

they are ideal for small boats, medium and large, as well as superyachts.


The anti-chafing guards protect the hull against the friction of fender ropes and anchor.


MaxiHook fender hooks are handmade by Fendequip from thick and very resistant stainless steel plates. With rounded edges, they are covered with leather and lined with soft sheepskin.

The maxiHook hooks make it easy to attach the fender tips to balconies and shields without the need for node. They prevent signs of wear and friction of the rope on the balcony tubes.


MaxiSox fender covers are specifically designed to avoid rubbing fenders on the hull of your boat.

Each fender cover is made with acrylic fabric, producing a non-abrasive and stain resistant cover knitted on machines in-house at the Fendequip factory. This fabric is extremely durable and flexible enough to protect the hull.


H2eau, are exclusive representatives for the Fendequip brand in France and are currentely expanding the brands market coverage by appointing new retailers across France along with appointing regional Fendequip Flagship Stores. The flagship stores not only carry large stocks of all the Fendequip products but also offer a measurement service for all custom mooring products such as fender hooks, fenders and covers. To compliment this service a complete embroidery service is also provided with fast custom order turn around. All orders placed via an authorised Fendequip Flagship store can be collected in-store, delivered direct to the boat or if on passage, forwarded to your next port of call.

To locate a Fendequip retailer in France please visit the visit the REVENDEURS section of the H2eau website to locate your nearest stockist.

If you are a trade customer and would like to discuss opportunities to become a retailer of the Fendequip product range please contact our sales team. 

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